Friday, April 30, 2010


So here it is – same content different software. During the conversion from Blogger to Word Press I thought I had lost 10 posts. Which ones? Who knows. Upon further investigation, I found that I had several draft posts that had never been published … so no content was actually lost.

Perhaps someday I will include the missing posts in the Obsession Box Set release.
The blog has moved.

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The End is Near

Blogger's support for FTP ends tomorrow so I am in the process of switching over to Word Press. Things will look different around here for while.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday night woodworking was not very productive. The greater we managed to make 24 precision cuts. OK, so maybe only 3 of them were precise, but we did try to at least cut the correct boards.

I also crawled under the Morris to find the gas leak. It turns out the leak is in the tank. This is quite unfortunate as the tank is pretty much full right now. And now it is slightly less full. And now ever so slightly less than it was a second ago. You get the picture. So in the very near future I suppose I will be dropping the tank, but first I must procrastinate for a while.

And finally it must be said Danny is now officially a bum. Bring on the summer and shred the list.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I Did and Did Not Do This Week

Last week was spent standing in a field in the middle of Ohio. I got back home Saturday at about 1:00 AM.

We got a dog Friday afternoon. His name is Yoshi. He is about 1.5 years old.

A camping trip had been planned for the weekend, but it was canceled because several of us could not make it. Turns out we had bad weather too.

There was also a car show on Saturday that I wanted to go to. It was postponed until next weekend because of the weather.

And finally there was a wood working show this weekend and I managed to get there on Sunday afternoon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy Talk

Several folks have ask me if I had gotten rid of the Miata. That is of course crazy talk. I still have it and I still need to put that missing piece of the stripe back on.

The Morris Minor 1000

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Roger

Thursday night while browsing Craig's List, I came across an interesting ad: For Sale: 1967 Morris Minor, yada yada yada.

(To get a good idea how big this car is notice the Volkswagen Beetle in the adjacent spot.)

Thirty-six hours later it was parked in my driveway. When I saw the ad, I knew it would go quickly. I called the owner. He said two others had already made arrangements to come see the car. I made my appointment for earlier in the day!

This car is roughly the same size as a VW Beetle. The interior is spacious but sparse. The exterior styling is reminiscent of cars 20 years older that it. It has a very small engine (1 liter) and a fairly large trunk boot. The paint looks good in the pictures and from about 20' - closer than that you can tell it needs some attention.

It quit once on the trip home. The previous owner said the gas tank was full. The gauge showed the tank was full. Fewer than 15 miles later I was out of gas. The gauge still showed the tank was full - it was not. In what seemed like a fortuitous event, the car ran out of gas right in front of a gas station. Unfortunately it was an unattended commercial refueling station. None of my cards worked there. My neighbor Brian who was still following me at this point, went and bought a gas can and brought me back some gas. At this point I headed straight for the station and filled up the tank and the empty gas can, just in case.

Did I say it quit once? It also developed a vacuum leak on the way home. This is kind of the opposite of quitting. The leak caused the engine to idle high. Nothing that couldn't be dealt with if I ever made it back home. Because it was idling high, I turned the motor off each time I had to stop for a light. (This reminded me of my hyper-mile-ing experiments the summer of 2008.)

Each time I stopped, there were one or more people there to ask me about the car. Two British car guys stopped to chat, they both wished me luck which I understand one needs when they have a car from the UK. Lots of people waving also. I think this car was getting more attention than the 1925 Chevy truck did. Amazing.

It has a few problems, but nothing we can't live without. I hope to get it running a little smoother soon. It won't be too soon though, my calendar is booked pretty solid for the next couple weeks.

Several folks have asked me what I am going to do with this car. The short answer is nothing. I don't plan on restoring it - basically I just want to keep it running and go get a milk shake from time to time.

Oh, yeah, we have decided to call it Roger, a name that stuck very quickly.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Boring Stuff

Plowed up part of the yard for the garden today, right after I called my father-in-law to ask him if he put sugar in the gas tank. Turns out he didn't.

The tiller as it turns out is a bit finicky about being cranked. It will apparently run on old gas but refuses to be cranked using old gas. The trick to getting it to crank when the old gas is in the tank is to pour a little fresh fuel in the spark plug hole. Just enough to get it running. Once it is running, it will run fine on last years left over gasoline. I have learned this twice already in the last month.