Sunday, September 26, 2010

So I meant to post some copy with those last three photos but like so many things I never I got around to it.

Weekend Update

Saturday David M. and I drove up to Scottsboro to purchase some hardwood for the next couple of projects. We ended up buying some Leopard and Purple Heart. Both should make some spectacular boxes. Danny's next project will be from cedar. I already have a stash of cedar in the room above the garage so we didn't pick up any cedar at The Hardwood Center.

For Saturday afternoon the plan had been to drive up to Colombia, TN to ride the (model) trains but that little adventure was rained out again. I believe that was the third time in a row we planned to make that trip only to have it rain.

The previous photos show a piece of white oak joined with a piece of MDF, a photo of Danny using the joint jig we purchased back in the spring. Yes, that is the Morris in the background. The last photo is a shot of a weather balloon rising from Green Mountain in South Huntsville.

GMC Update: I painted the drive shaft this week.

And the Chainsaw! There I mentioned it, but it is not really news until I finish it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fly-In/Car Show

Saturday morning I drove over to Big Ed's Pizza. The local British Automobile club was meeting there and then driving out to the Moontown airport for the fly-in. The route was a nice scenic route over Monte Sano which included several miles of tree lined roads. The cars included several MG from various decades, the same Jag E-type I saw last week, Ernie's Fiat Spider, a Sunbeam Tiger, a Karman Ghia, a Volvo, and various German air cooled vehicles. In all there were probably about 30 and I am certain I left out a few very interesting cars.

The fly-in was pretty awesome. Lots of cool planes - old, new, single wing, bi-plane, etc. It was fascinating to watch them take-off, land, and fly by. The older planes were the most intriguing.

Last week I made the mistake of going to the car show with a dead battery in my camera. This week I did not make the same mistake. Instead my memory car was full. I wonder what my next trick will be?

I had such a great time on the drive-out, I was seriously considering joining the Brit. car club. There I was surrounded by a bunch of cool convertibles, driving my Miata! I told one of them it was an Austin. Next time maybe the Morris will be road worthy. In the midst of all this I met yet another guy from Rocket City Miata club. He attempted to recruit me for their club as well. I have been intending to join it but they meetings typically occur on a might I am busy. It turns out they are currently meeting on a night that I am free. Hmmm.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

British Car Show

I went to a British car show at nearby Joe Wheeler state park on Saturday. The show consisted mostly of MGs but there were a few others: Triumphs, Minis, Austin Healeys, Jaguars (including an E type), and even a Lotus Esprit.

The battery on my camera died after a just a few pictures, so I made due with my phone's camera. The above shot is a boattail end of a 1930 MG. I have more photos of this car but they are still on the phone.

My favorite cars were either the MGAs or the Austins.

GMC Update

Back at home on Sunday, I finally got around to cleaning up and priming the trans-axle and transmission yoke on the truck.

Labor Day Weekend

I started the long weekend with a quick trip to Florence to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel with John D. I also spent some time at has parents house visiting with his wife, kids, and mother. Great time.

From there I went by Danny's project house in Rogersville. The painting was complete by the time I arrived so I twisted his arm into taking the boat out on the Tennessee River. We were on the water no more than 10 minutes when we got hit hard by the rain. We had been watching it approach from the west but were oblivious to it also rolling in from the south. We were completely soaked by the time we got the boat back into the slip. Good times.

Because this post is a week overdue, I can't recall what I did the rest of the weekend. Something fun, I'm sure.

Tuesday Night Wood Working

Got behind on posting so I will try to catch up with a few quick posts.

During the Tuesday Night Woodworking sessions, we finished up a few more boxes. The picture above is David. M displaying a Maple box with Wenge accents. Danny's and my box were also Maple with Blood wood accents. All three of the boxes were finished with tung oil. The oil really made the color accents stand out.