Saturday, January 08, 2011


On Thursday I received an email from Chad asking me if I wanted to camping this weekend. After checking the forecast, bitterly cold - overnight low in the lower 20's but no precipitation, I commenced to obtaining permission.

Due to the limited notice (less than one day) most of the regular campers didn't make it. Many excuses were heard. The lamest was

"I can't go, I will make up an excuse later." - D.G.

In the end, the search party would have only had two campers to retrieve.

Our destination was Sipsey Wilderness. I believe we stayed in White Oak Hollow. I never can remember the name of the trailhead. We only saw two other campers on the first day. We beat them to the best spot. They were disappointed.

Because our chief fire marshall did not make the trip, I had to wear this hat. We arrived early enough this time that we had time to gather the wood before sunset. (The sun drops fast when your down between two ridges.) Most of the wood in the area was damp so it was a challenge to get the fire to 'take'. We almost lost the patient twice.

The cuisine this trip was BYOF. No steaks. No Jambolaya. No omlets. No Bacon. Yes instant oatmeal. Yes Ramen noodles. No complaints though. As cold as it was, both the evening soup and morning oatmeal were nice and hot and hit the spot.

I told Chad this was my last camping trip ever. I usually say that and mean it. I will get over it in a few days and be ready to start planning the next trip. Despite the complaints about the cold, it wasn't really that bad and I definitely prefer the cold weather camping to the hot weather alternative.