Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr. Mouse, R.I.P.

I set out 8 traps at lunch yesterday baited with sharp cheddar cheese. Being a nocturnal, Mr. Mouse chose not to partake until about 11:30 pm. The sound of the trap snapping echoed through the house. Mr. Mouse, though a gentle soul, will not be missed.

The remaining 7 traps are still set waiting to see if Mr. Mouse has any cousins living nearby.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At times it seems that there is nothing to blog about, but I posted rather diligently anyway. Recently there has been plenty to blog about but I haven't made the time to do it. For instance:

1) We found a small mouse in the house last night. Oddly, I had the pest control guy in the house just a few hours earlier doing and inspection. Coincidence?
2) I may have set a record this weekend for emptying the hot tub. I used 4 hoses to drain it which went rather quickly. After cleaning it, I connected 3 hoses up to fill it back up. OK, yeah, that was boring, but ...
3) I helped David replace the heater hoses on his '91 Miata last Tuesday. The next day my Miata blew a hose. :(
4) My okra plants are over 10 feet tall.
5) I made a small batch of beer last Tuesday night. It is currently fermenting and should be ready in a couple of weeks.
6) The PCV valve on the Morris broken several months ago and some on the parts disappeared on the road. I plugged the holes for a brief period, but without the valve in place the engine leaks like a sieve. I found a close replacement part of a Triumph on ebay. The housing is not the same, but the internal guts are identical. Should have Roger up and rolling in no time.
7) One of my neighbors has started a Cars and Coffee for Huntsville/Madison. The first event went well. The second is only a couple of weeks way. The proceeds from the coffee are going towards an Autism.
8) Wind damage from the Tornado back in April is responsible for several leaks I have on my roof. I will get getting a new roof and painting some ceilings in the near future.