Sunday, November 25, 2007

The four day weekend is almost over. So far I have accomplished absolutely nothing. Ok, that is not entirely true. I did manage to get a little homework done. Not to much though.

This afternoon we experienced an extreme oddity. Both kids feel asleep. I wouldn't say they took a nap, as neither intended to go to sleep. It was very peaceful around here for about an hour and a half.

Last week I registered for a class for next semister. I learned my lesson this time regarding trying to take two classes at a time. Not again. Two classes requires way to much out of the class room time.

The class I signed up for will be online this time. My experience with online classes in the past has been less than desireable. Unfortunately the available schedule does not really give me any alternatives...

So because I don't actually have to attend a class, I am considering signing up for a welding class also. Whoa there fellow! Didn't I just say I wouldn't take two classes again. Well, sure but this would be completely different. The online class has no "in class" requirements and the welding class has no "homework", so essentially I would be taking two classes but it would seem like only one.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Saturday was test day. Things went ok but they could have gone better. I got flustered on the first question and spent too much time looking at it. I believe I passed it but I certainly could have done better. I didn't get to the last eight questions, so I just guessed 'C' on all of them.

The new camera arrived today. The battery is charging.

Happy 13th Anniversary G!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A couple of weeks ago our digital camera called it quits. I was tasked with selection a new one. This turned into another obsession for me. Originally I planned to petition the finance committee for a digital SLR. I have wanted a Canon Rebel XT for a while. After thinking about it thought, I decided that it would not be very practical, what I actually needed was a sub-compact - something that would fit in my pocket. This was also the only requirement provided by the other member of the Obsession A/V club.

I consults with several friends who had recently purchased cameras, Consumer Reports, CNET, and the reviews on Amazon. I made trips to Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy to investigate the cameras in person. I made a spreadsheet and listed several features I felt were important, maximum cost, minimum resolution, maximum size, power up up time, etc. After about a week of investigating I had it narrowed down to one. And then back up to three, and then back down to one again. And then it was time to scour the net for a good price.

Today I placed the order. The new camera should be here in plenty of time for Turkey day.

The Charger had its oil changed yesterday. 10500 Miles

Monday, November 12, 2007

The kids were out of school today. G and I argued over who had to work and who got to stay home with them. I won, so I got to stay home. Today was much like most weekend days with one exception. J wanted to do something special today. They went to a movie on Friday so the easy answer was already taken. I suggested a hike, but B was opposed to this idea. We finally agreed on bowling. Back in college I was pretty good at bowling. The same can not be said today.

This coming Saturday I am taking a test, the Praxis II Mathematics Content Knowledge test. I spent most of the weekend working math problems to prepare for the test. The test includes calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, discrete math, probability, and statistics. That may be all but there could be more. I suppose I am ready for the test. Perhaps.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

This week just flew by. Monday is a distant memory. Tuesday morning was the big fire. Wednesday through Friday I spent the day at Sparkman High School. G & B left for Auburn Friday so that they could attend the Homecoming game. Saturday my Father came to visit us and Jordan had pie. Saturday and Sunday I spent an excessive amount of time working math problems practicing for taking Praxis II Mathematical Content test which is a few weeks out.

The three days in high school was a requirement for an education class I am taking. I used my time observing mathematical instruction, helping to answer the students questions, and grading a few tests.

The next couple of weeks are looking pretty busy. I am looking forward to the T-day weekend.