Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1925 Chevrolet Superior Pickup

Top Ten Mistakes I Have Made on My Blog

All of them.

I read one of those Top 5 Blog Improvement articles recently that said you should never say "Sorry I haven't posted in a while." It recommended that instead one should say "I am a quitter and this blog will disappear off the face of the Internet any minute now."

This blog will not be disappearing anytime soon (jinx) though you can expect more entries labeled Mundane.

Turnip Truck Update

Monday J, B, and I rolled the '25 out of the garage, cranked her up, and then Bri and I took it for the weekly spin around the neighborhood.

Tuesday J, B, and I rolled it out again. This time so I could take a few photographs. Then Bri and I took it for the weekly spin around the neighborhood again. The photographs were what I hope to be the final step in the paper work for acquiring antique car insurance. The antique tag is already on the truck. Once the insurance is in place, it will be ready for a trip to a car show, or perhaps even better a trip to Sonic for some ice cream. The first trip of course will be to put some gas in the tank. We don't need a repeat of last weeks adventure.

While the truck was in the driveway, I taught Bri how to start it.

1. Set timing advance to starting position.
2. Set had throttle to starting position.
3. Tap foot throttle twice.
4. Press the foot brake.
5. Press in the clutch.
6. Verify the truck is out of gear.
7. Verify the parking brake is engaged.
8. Turn the the switch from Park to Ignition.
9. Pull out the choke knob.
10. Press the starter pedal.
11. Wait for the motor to turn over and begin to run.
12. Release the starter pedal.
13. Relax the choke.
14. Adjust hand throttle to idle position.

She got it to crank on the first try. She had already learned how to turn it off.

Docking Procedures Initiated

The truck sits about 7' 1" at its highest point. My 7' garage door is only 6' 11.5". In order to get the truck into or out of the garage, I load it up will 100 lbs of dry clay, and two little people. Next I give it a push and once it is rolling I hop on the tailgate, the back end of the truck drops about an inch, and if we are rolling fast enough we reach escape velocity.

We don't always reach escape velocity.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Recap

Yesterday after I finally repaired the exhaust leak on the Miata. The one caused by driving over a volley ball sized rock in the middle of a 5 lane road.

Nothing is ever as simple as it needs to be. I had to remove four bolts to replace a couple of gaskets. Exhaust bolts are always a pain, badly rusted, probably due to the intense heat they experience. I managed to twist one of the bolts in half. Fortunately bolts are fairly cheap. It cost me $0.98 cents to replace the bolts.

No more exhaust leak. Finally.

Saturday we went over to Tuscumbia for the Hellen Keller Festival. Terry ran a 5 mile race. I believe Jordan said she came in 165th overall. It was at least 90 F. We also browsed a car show and had lunch with the entire family.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It has been a busy week. Work alone is enough to generate that hectic feel. Besides that, I have a test tonight in an abstract math class I am taking. I have some how managed to put in a few hours of study time for the last four days. That was rough a couple of the days because it was late and I was tired. My procrastination skills are slipping.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gone Indy

The Indy trip was fun and it just sped by.

This year I omitted some of my usual trip technology.

First I left my laptop at home. The only place I could find a reasonably priced room (< $150/night) back when I booked it in January was at a 2-star Hotel. I knew they would not be providing free Internet access. (The room turned out to be nicer than the 3-star we had last year, though it did cost a few dollars more.)

Second, I left the camera at home. The camera is took big to carry in a pocket and I didn't want to try to wear it on my belt. That works fine when standing walking, but it is a real nuisance when trying to sit.

I did take the GPS. It is used mostly as a novelty but it is nice know how far from home I am at any given time.

I also took my SanDisk MP3 player. It is small and will easily fit in a pocket. The great benefit here is that it is also an FM radio. The race track broadcasts the announcer on 100.10 FM so having a radio and ear plugs makes it easier to hear what is going on even when the noise level is up. Taking the radio was a good call. It was definitely easier to keep up with what was going on.

I also took my TI calculator. I have a Modern Abstract Algebra test this Thursday so I had some studying to do. Believe it or not, I probably got more homework done than I would have had I stayed at home. Besides the motor sport events and dining out, there were not really too many other things to distract me thus allowing me to procrastinate.

Last night Jordan told me he wanted to be a race car driver. Me too. Unfortunately we are probably both too old to get started now. It seems kids today get started at about the age of 3 or 4.

Perhaps later I will tell you about my hotel bath tub.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Road Trip

I am heading north to Indianapolis today. The main event, the US GP, is not until Sunday. Tomorrow will be full day including F1 qualifying and several other racing events.

If your watching the race on Sunday, look for me in the drivers seat of the car sitting at pole.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday I acquired a tag for the 1925 Chevy. The tag is an Alabama Vintage Vehicle tag. The great thing about this tag is that it does not need to be renewed. And I only had to stand in line about 20 minutes. Not to bad.

Last night I decided to take it out for a trip around the neighborhood. After a few laps I stopped at a friends house to chat a bit.

When it was time to head home I started it up, drove it about 50 yards and then it sputtered and died. Out of gas!

Fortunately I was at the top of the hill and could coast home. Unfortunately I had to coast home backwards.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Raving's Of A Mad Man

A friend of mine thinks he has something to say. No pressure Danny.

Statehood Quarters

Like many other folks, I am collecting one of each mint of the "50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act". Here in the south, we mostly see quarters with the Philadelphia, 'P', mint mark.

If you are collecting quarters as well, let me know what you need. We can work out a quarter swap. If your not collecting but would like to help me out, let me know what you have available and I will gladly send you back cash to cover the quarter and the cost of postage.

Below is a list of quarters that I still need. For completeness, I went ahead and listed the quarters that have not yet been released.

The quarters don't need to be perfect, but I would prefer that they be fairly shiny and mostly scratch free.




West Virginia-D

North Dakota-P
North Dakota-D


New Mexico-P
New Mexico-D

Monday, June 11, 2007

2007 US Grand Prix

This coming weekend if the F1 US Grand Prix. I will be heading out Friday for Indy. I am looking forward to the trip. This has been a great season for Formula One. I believe this will be my fourth F1 race.

Friday is a practice session. It is usually on TV before I leave AL so I will definitely miss it. Saturday AM there is typically another practices session followed by qualifying at around 1:00 PM or so. Typically there are several other races that day. And a car show on the back straight away.

Sunday is the F1 race. I think it is at 1:30 PM eastern.

Who wants a T-shirt?
GMC Differential Woes

This evening I decided to clean up the rear differential housing for the GMC. It seems like I have been on the verge of this chore for months but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why I hadn't done it. Then I looked at my blog. Oh yeah, I was working.

The great thing about the blog is that I can forget what I have been doing and still have a record of it.

First I had to beat out the bear chases for the pinion. I used a 24" piece of rebar and a framing hammer. The next step would have been either removing the wheel bearings and seals and then finally I would begin the de-grunging process.

At this point I noticed something that derailed the process. I was looking at the bottom of the differential housing when I noticed what appeared to be a weld. Having never really looked closely at the bottom on the housing, I inspected it further. And then I looked inside.

The differential housing had apparently been broken at one point and the hole was big enough to put a baseball through it. The broken piece had then been welded back into place. I could imagine this had probably been done after dark one fall evening in the front yard of a single-wide.

Perhaps this was the location of the leak resulted in the differential only having about a quart of fluid in it. Perhaps.

Regardless, I think it is time to hit the salvage yards and attempt to locate a replacement GM 12 bolt housing. The complete carrier assembly is fine.

My guess is the 12 both was originally a locker. At some point it "blew up" resulting in a cracked housing and the total annihilation of the carrier. The housing was welded back and a replacement carrier was dropped in.

According to the code stamped on the axle, the differential was originally a 1/2 ton 3.73:1 from a 1972 pickup, so the housing is probably original. The gears I found inside were 3.07:1. I like the 3.07:1 ratio because it will provide better MPG at highway speeds.

It will probably be a few weeks before I can round up another diff housing. I already have plans for the next few weekends.
She's Alive

Yesterday I got the turnip truck running. As was suspected, the carburetor needed to be cleaned. There were three holes that were completely clogged. One being the jet, of course they must all be clear for the Carter RX-O carburetor to function correctly.

After getting the truck going, I gave everyone a ride around the neighbor hood. Everyone who saw the truck, stopped and waved.

Props: My neighbor helped with getting the truck running and loaned me the use of his parts washer for a couple of hours to clean some varnish out of the carb. Thanks. He has decided that he likes the truck and even offered to buy it from me at a significant loss. Ginger nixed that deal.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Vital Statistics

The truck is a 1925 Superior series. The engine is a 4 cylinder, approximately 120 cubic inches, producing about 20 horse power.

The truck is approximately 13 feet long and 6 feet wide. At its highest point, it is just over 7 foot. My garage door is just under 7 foot. No problem though, just have someone sit in the back while rolling it through the door.

I am the 5th owner.

The truck has been sitting in a warehouse for about 2 years. It rolled in under its own power. It was pushed out. The gas had turned to varnish.

So far the battery has been replaced and the gas tank drained. The plugs look OK. The carburetor needs to be cleaned and it should be good to go.

Get in line for a ride. The queue getting long.
1925 Chevrolet Truck

Look what followed me home.

1925 Chevrolet Truck

1925 Chevrolet Truck

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Today I was asked if I had finished up the timing belt on the Miata yet? By someone who said they read my blog. Didn't I mention that on Sunday? Oh, yeah, there it is. Everything is back together and running fine.

Today I did something a little on the crazy side. More on that tomorrow.

I wish I could add words to Bloggers spell checker dictionary. It doesn't like Miata. Instead it suggests: "Mia Ta", "Mata", "Marta", and "Moat".

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I recall sitting down last night to write something for the blog. Where did it go?

I found out today that my sister is famous. Jordan told me so. "Haven't you seen all the billboards and pictures?"

School started back last Thursday. Someone needs to do their homework, tomorrow.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Perfect Timing

Between a couple of hours on Saturday and another four today, the Miata timing belt is now back in place. Woo hoo! Along with the timing belt, I replaced the water pump, and the auxilary belts. I also attempted to repair the radiator mounting brackets using JB Weld.

The car cranked and ran smoothly on the first try. Ok, their was one little problem. I left the alternator belt a little loose and it made a nice squealing noise. That was easily corrected though.

I drove it around the neighborhood to check things out. Everything looks good. Only one thing left to do, the gas tank is empty.

David's is a few hours behind mine. We will probably finish it up tomorrow night.

I did not track how many hours I spent on this project, but I suspect it is approximately 10. Maybe more.